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ZZ short

ZZ short

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*Please be aware that these beautiful fresh potted house plants cannot be shipped  by Post. Our courier service is from Monday to Saturday.

*For this plant select 'same day delivery' at checkout for Perth suburbs  (refer to the delivery policy), or opt for pick up from the home studio  Karrinyup .  

 ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, lives up to one of its common names—Eternity Plant.

This is an easy to care for indoor house plant which only needs watering once a month. 

ZZ plants adapt to a wide range of lighting conditions and can ‘technically’ survive without any natural light. They do best, though, in bright, indirect light and can get leggy when not given enough light. Avoid direct sunlight which scorches the leaves.

White ceramic pot included.

Approximately 45cm tall

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