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Oh So Pretty Dried

Perfect Snake

Perfect Snake

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*Please note that  these  beautiful fresh potted house plants can not be shipped!

*Please select same day delivery at checkout - Perth suburbs (please see delivery policy) or pick up from home studio Karrinyup. 


Timeles evergreen beauty here with long sword shape  dark green  leaves.

This one is approximately 45cm tall

These plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Perfect for bedroom Décor,  well lit bathrooms and living areas as it can help regulate healthy airflow. 

This popular  easy care house plant is potted and  presented  in this beautiful white ceramic pot with a  drainage  dish and white pebbles for decoration. 

These botanicals add such a stunning addition to your home décor and will make the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Care: Keep in a well lit indoor space with good airflow. 

They love partial sun and will thrive in a patio or balcony as well as indoors near a window. 

Don't over water. Water when top of soil is completely dry.

Giift wrapped before delivery! 

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